Sticky Licky Review

Publisher: Vision Wise–Price: 99¢ for a limited time–Sticky Licky is a game where you play a frog who tries to eat as many flies as you can without getting sick or losing lives due to eating bees. It’s a simple concept, which explains the simplicity of the game overall. One thing I like is its handmade concept: it feels like you are playing a game at your local arcade. The app also entails a sense of versatility despite its simple gameplay. For example, you can play, quit the app, and when you return, you are asked whether you want to continue your previous game, listing your current level and score. This is especially useful when you are using an iDevice that cannot multitask. Aside from this, I didn’t really enjoy Sticky Licky; it was repetitive, meaning it got boring quite fast. I felt like it was missing something. As the player journeys through the levels, nothing changes. Until these issues are addressed, the app gets a 6 out of 10 from me, as I felt it was just a silly game, much less something worth paying for. Having said this, I am avidly waiting for an update, as I believe this app has not exercised its full potential quite yet.




  1. Saul

    Wow, great review! It’s nice you are honest about the app.

  2. priyanka

    Hey, you’re reviews are pretty good. Good job! I understand
    what you’re saying. It must be pretty boring if the levels are all
    the same.

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