Plants vs. Zombies

Publisher: Popcap Games–Price:$2.99–Plants vs. Zombies is an app that depicts a creative scene in which you have to defend your house againstzombies using plants. The plants shoot out seeds and eventually destroy the zombies. There are different ways to arrange the plants so the game involves a bit of strategy.As you move on throughout the game you gain more power-ups and plants, and the waves of zombies also increase. The game gets very intense & increasingly difficult as you progress. The game changes the setting and environment also as you advance, giving each level a new and unique feel. The developer (Popcap Games) made good use of the touch screen, using a drag and drop interface for Plants vs. Zombies.
There is also and HD version of this app for the iPad which is helpful. Plants vs. Zombies does a good job of making each level unique and interesting by adding different power-ups and new plants to each level. At a price of $2.99, this game is one of the best within it’s price range. Overall, Plants vs. Zombies provides a fun and interactive game at reasonable price range, and I would give it a 10 out of 10. Thumbs up!



  1. Will

    I love Plants vs. Zomb** app. thanks for posting some crisp reviews. I wizh more players play this awesome game. I have an itouch and I am hooked to my touch just because of this game. I am soooooooo… addicted to this game..


  2. Anthony Lowes

    This looks pretty sick!! Thanks for showing me this app! It looks AWESOME!!!!!!!! Keep it up!

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