X-Plane Airliner Review

Publisher: Laminar Research–Price: $9.99–X-Plane Airliner
is one of he many apps by Laminar Research that simulates airplane
flying, in this case for commercial planes. It includes a variety
of planes to be flown, from the Boeing 777 to the MD-80, as well as
many places to choose from. You can even customize the time of day,
aircraft weight, etc. The flying experience is quite entertaining.
This is obviously accelerometer based, and does an excellent job of
implementing it. The many different views of the plane available, including one from the cockpit, make flying the plane much easier. Another cool feature in this app is that you can play with your friends on wifi, which I haven’t tried yet. Overall, I think X-Plane is a great app, but is a bit overpriced, and could definitely use more content. So I propose two solutions to the developer: either add some more content, or lower the price by a few bucks. I still think X-Plane is well made and very entertaining, so it gets a 9 out of 10, giving it a thumbs up.


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