Publisher: Electronic Arts–Price: 99¢ (usually $2.99)–The board game is 75 years old, has an infinite number of adaptation and themes,
and last year, EA released Monopoly for iPhone. The board is the
same as usual, and the classic pawns are also implemented into the
game. You can even customize “house rules” and the environment in
which your game is played in. Up to four players are permitted, and
they can be human, computer, or a mix. You can play over
Bluetooth or wifi. My favorite feature when testing the game was
Shake to Roll, where you shake your iDevice to roll the dice. One
thing I didn’t like was the 3D mode(it gives you the impression you
are following the pawn as it moves across the board) that seems to
be default, as it makes one quite dizzy after a while. There should
be a way to turn this off, and just view the whole board. Other
than that, I really like this app, and it gets a thumbs


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