Apple TV: Hot or Not?

So the Apple TV came out not too long ago, totally revamped, a lot cheaper, and begging for popularity. It seems as if the Apple TV was near death when this update came. Should it have just died? Almost everyone has an iDevice, and a lot of people have Macs, but I can honestly say that I’ve never walked into a friend’s house (or anyone’s for that matter) and seen an Apple TV. It seems like an outcast to the rest of the Apple stuff. First of all, why not call it an iTV? That way it will sound Applish right off the bat. Another idea is to have some TV sets that feature it built in, as this will bring it up to parr to compete with the Google TV. Most newer TV’s have what the Apple TV offers in their TV, so why spend an extra hundred dollars? Apple needs to think of something that will set its Apple TV apart from Google TV as well as newer technology increasingly present in newer sets. I’m not giving Apple all the answers, but for now, all I can say is that iDevices and Macs are hot the Apple TV is not.


One comment

  1. Kevin

    Thanks for posting some good reviews on Apple TV. I have been thinking of deciding between google TV or apple TV. Thank for making it easy for me decide. I am going with apple TV.

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